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On December 10th in 1621, a Danish merchant ship arrived in Siam and the very first recorded contract was signed between Denmark and Thailand.


For more than 400 years the historical relationship between Denmark and Thailand has grown into a magnificent friendship and collaboration for our two countries.


Ever since 1621 the trade history between Denmark and Thailand has been on it's rise, and so it will continue.


For Scandinavians Bangkok is a natural hub into Asia, and so are Copenhagen for Thais seeking towards Scandinavia.


In both Denmark and Thailand changing Governments have over the years paved the roads for a healthier business environment via supportive beneficial tax initiatives and flexible start up opportunities.


Billede af Miltiadis Fragkidis


The potentials for Danish companies seeking to set up production in Thailand is tremendous, and so are the opportunities for further growth within Thailand or from Thailand into the Asian Market.


For Thai companies Denmark is a secure hub for investments and growth when looking at Scandinavia / Norther Europe as a whole.

The founders of DanThai Net have all been living in both Denmark and Thailand, where they have all been involved in business.


We stand for a strong network in both counties, with easily accessible knowledge sharing for you to get a better understanding of why and where to start.


Our network invite you to connect for us to help with your next move to either Thailand or Denmark.


As Captain H.N. Andersen, the founder of East Asiatic Company once said,


“The world is not bigger than it

can be encompassed by thought and its possibilities".

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