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Business Trips to Thailand

Over skyerne

Time is valuable and therefore your business trip to Thailand needs to be efficient. Dan Thai Network can help you getting the most out of your time spend in Thailand.


This includes, but not limited to, setting up meetings with relevant stakeholders, booking meetings facilities, transportation etc. We can even secure that we have people who meet you on the ground and provide you with the services you will need.


We will also on an ongoing basis arrange inspiration group trips to Thailand at a special membership price. This will give you a good on the ground insight to the possibilities that are in Thailand. You will get to meet Danish companies who will give you the real honest version of what it takes to be successful working with and in Thailand.


Through our corporation with the Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish Embassy in Bangkok we can also include meetings with relevant authorities both before and during the inspiration trip.


This will give our participants an advantage when they chose to engage with Thai suppliers or set up their own business in Thailand.


The group trips will always include an inspiration meeting before and to continue the network we will facilitate meetings after the return to Denmark.


If you are interested, please let us know and we look forward helping you plan and organize your next business trip to Thailand.

Over skyerne
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