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Support and Guidence

Thailand alone has a market of 70 million people with a growing middle class.

Further Thailand has a great infrastructure which many Danish companies have already benefitted from.

So, have you ever considered selling your product or providing your services in Thailand, import parts or full products from Thailand or even starting up a business in Thailand?


Then Dan Thai Net will be your first stop.


With our extended network we will be able to find experts within different types of business, matureness, sizing etc.


We are a group of people with practical knowledge from starting up business and working in Thailand.


We know what it takes to succeed, and we are looking forward to support you and your business.

We know who and where to reach out and have connections to Danish businesspeople with solid experience in Thailand.


Further we have a close corporation with the Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish Embassy in Bangkok.


Please reach out and we will be happy to take a first non-binding meeting with you.

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