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Would you like to get access to the full interview with business entrepreneur Henrik Friis?

You might already have become inspired by Managing Director of AS-Friis, Henrik Friis, from his interview with our journalist Mr. Kasper Nesager-Hansen on our blog.

Needless to say, getting access to hands-on experiences and advises from serious business entrepreneurs as Henrik Friis, cannot be compared with any reports, that can be purchased in an office.

If you are interested to see the full interview with Henrik Friis, where he is giving out his personal guidelines and tips of why Thailand is the perfect location for doing businesses in Asia, we suggest you become a member of Dan Thai Net.

As a member for Dan Thai Net you will get access to exclusive interviews, network forums, latest news, tips and recommendations, special invitations for events and more to come.

The full interview with Henrik Friis is 18 min, and it is worth listening to his advises. For the rest of 2022 Dan Thai Net are offering FREE MEMBERSHIP and as the process of becoming a member is easy, we look forward to welcome you on board.

We wish you a wonderful day ahead!

How to sign up for Membership
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