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What a great end to the week…

On October 28th, 2022, Dan Thai Net met to talk about our plans for the next period.

One of our core purposes is to connect people and businesses in Denmark / Scandinavia with Thailand and vice versa, and already now we are succeeding.

The potentials in Thailand are immense and so are the opportunities to invest, to gain growth, to get established as a business and to relocate your family. As Thailand can offer all the right incentives for you to make you move, it is just a matter for you to concretizes what you want to achieve.

In Dan Thai Net we are a team of passionate, experienced people and business partners with a deep insight into the many opportunities that exist for Danish and Scandinavian companies in Thailand.

The core team of founders and consultants are Claus Rasmussen, Peter Waagensen, Kenth Hvid Nielsen, Dina Herler, Stiig Waever, Susie A. Ruff, Simon Scheibel, Kasper Nesager-Hansen, Kjeld Munkholm and when you add our business partners The Royal Thai Embassy to Denmark, Danish Womens Network in Bangkok, SIAC Consulting, The Nonthaburi Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, Dansk Thai Venneforening and Waever Group, we are more than ready to help you forming your thoughts, to get established and to grow your business in Thailand.

Do you want to know more take a look at our website danthainet, where you can become a member for free with not commitments.

Stay tuned for latest news about your future growth in Thailand.

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