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What a beginning to 2024!

As we've said before, and we'll say it again: Thailand is a land brimming with opportunities.

This week, Dan Thai Net embarks on yet another business tour to Thailand, reconnecting with previous stakeholders who share our vision of fostering a prosperous collaboration between Denmark and Thailand in human resource development, training, and education.


The relationship between Thailand and Denmark spans over 400 years, characterized by a deep-rooted friendship and collaborative spirit.


For Danes, Thailand consistently ranks among the top three destinations for travelers, and over time, we've witnessed a growing interest from Danish companies in establishing a presence in Thailand. Similarly, more and more Thais find inspiration in visiting the Kingdom of Denmark, while the business sector in Thailand is increasingly getting more and more involved in the opportunities presented in Denmark.


Both nations hold significant importance for each other, serving as gateways to their respective regions. Thailand is the obvious gateway to Asia, just as Denmark serves as the gateway to Scandinavia.


At Dan Thai Net, we see immense potential for Danish companies to embark on the remarkable journey that Thailand offers to foreign investors eager to establish themselves in the country. Through inspiring and financially rewarding projects under the Eastern Economic Corridor Project (EEC), the new Land bridge project, or through tax incentives and business opportunities facilitated by the strong focus of both past and present governments, Thailand has the potential to emerge as a major player in Asia in the years to come. The Royal Thai Embassy in Denmark and organizations like the Board of Investments (BOI) serve as your guides to stay informed about the myriad projects continually emerging in Thailand.


At Dan Thai Net, with our feet firmly planted in both Thailand and Denmark, we stand ready to support you every step of the way, from conception to execution. This week, we are immensely proud and humbled to have played a role in organizing an inspiring collaboration between key stakeholders in Thailand and Denmark.


If you’re interested in Thailand, reach out. If you believe Thailand could be of interest for you or your business, reach out.

If you’d like to hear more about your opportunities in Thailand, reach out.

Last year some of the most esteemed business schools in Denmark did the same…..and……, stay tuned…for there is much more to come...

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