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🎉 Top Announcement: Historic Partnership Signed Between Burapha University and DCAC 🎉

On Monday, February 12th, 2024, a momentous occasion unfolded as one of Thailand’s most prestigious institutions, The Burapha University, governing 27 faculties and 44 institutions with over 48,000 students, joined hands with The Danish Consortium for Academic Craftsmanship (DCAC), comprising ZBC, EUC Syd, and IBC. Together, they inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), marking the dawn of a new era in educational collaboration.

This groundbreaking partnership, with the unwavering support of The Royal Thai Embassy to Denmark and The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), stands as a testament of dedication. In Dan Thai Net we are deeply honored to have played a pivotal role in fostering this symbiotic relationship between Burapha University and DCAC.

The MoU signals a commitment to advance Human Resource Development, Training, and Education, creating an innovative platform for students in Thailand and Denmark to engage in inspiring international collaboration and mutual understanding. By setting new benchmarks and parameters, this collaboration promises to shape the future of education and facilitate increased collaboration between our nations.

This signing underscores the importance of international collaboration in shaping the societies of tomorrow by fostering knowledge sharing, human resource development, and training among our younger generations.

For over 400 years, Thailand and Denmark have shared a profound friendship and collaboration. Today, Thailand stands among the top destinations for Danish travelers, while an increasing number of Thais are exploring opportunities in Denmark. Esteemed companies from Denmark have today cemented their presence in Thailand are likewise have successful Thai businesses got operational in Denmark.

In Dan Thai Net we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Royal Thai Ambassador to Denmark, H.E. Mrs. Sirilak Niyom, Counsellor, Jaya Patrachai, representing EEC, H.E., Secretary-General of the EEC, Mr. Chula Sukmanop, former Ambassador, H.E., Mrs., Nongnugt  Phetcharatana, International Affairs Officer, Ms., Thunyachart Wichaya, representing Burapha University, Assoc. Professor, President of the Burapha University, Mr. Watcharin Gasaluck, Asst. Professor, Mrs., Punwalai Kewara, Ass. Professor Dr., Nayot Kurukitkoson, representing DCAC, CEO of ZBC, Mr. Michael Kaas-Andersen, Head of International Relations of ZBC, Mr., Ivan Kousholt, and all esteemed individuals who contributed to this historic moment.

Lastly, this partnership symbolizes the enduring friendship between our nations and sets the stage for a future of unparalleled collaboration and growth. At Dan Thai Net, we stand ready to support anyone with an interest in the wide variety of opportunities that Thailand holds.

Stay tuned, as there is much more to come.

🌟 With deepest gratitude and excitement, 🌟

Dan Thai Net

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