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Thailand takes a giant step towards accelerated growth

On December 14th, 2022, Thailand signed an important Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union, which marks another significant milestone in the ongoing developing of bilateral relations between Thailand and EU.

In Dan Thai Net we see this agreement as being yet another forerunner that will pave the road for a binding Free Trade Agreement to be signed between Thailand and EU, expected to shape the political and economic ties, enhancing economy and attracting greater business activity and diverse foreign investments between the parties.

With Government supported incentives Thailand gets ready to move forward, to become a “Tiger-Economy” and to support forward thinking businesses within i.e., next generation automotive, aviation and logistic, digital solutions, intelligent electronics, automation and robotics, high value and medical tourism, medical and comprehensive healthcare, defense, biofuel and biochemical, green energy projects, food for the future, advanced agriculture and biotechnology and education and human resource development, just to mention a few.

Being the Gateway to Asia, Thailand has it all and with this new partnership and cooperation agreement signed with the European Union, Danish Businesses should get ready for the immense growth and business continuity that Thailand has to offer.

In Dan Thai Net we encourage companies and investors to reach out for more information and to join us at our business trip to Thailand end of Q1 2023. Thailand is ready to welcome your move and in Dan Thai Net we have the experts to help you getting successfully started.

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