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In May...

Dan Thai Net embarked on an incredibly successful business tour promoting Danish business to Thailand.

In May 2023, we had the extraordinary opportunity to introduce two of Denmark's most innovative business schools to the thriving Thai market. Why Thailand, you may ask? Well, Thailand is currently experiencing a remarkable journey, with businesses flourishing and new opportunities emerging. Moreover, the Thai government is actively supporting and incentivizing foreign investments and business ventures through inspiring initiatives i.e., EEC – The Eastern Economic Corridor and BOI – Board of Investment.

Thailand stands out not only for its economic prosperity but also for its unwavering commitment to skill enhancement, modernized education, and comprehensive human development. This visionary approach has laid the groundwork for a business environment that embraces cutting-edge advancements in green technology, future-oriented food production, smart cities, and transformative technologies. Thailand's vision is clear: to create a brighter, smarter, healthier, and wealthier future for all.

During our journey, we had the privilege of being welcomed by esteemed organizations and influential individuals, including H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Nongnuth Phetcharatana from The Eastern Economy Corridor office, H.E. Ambassador Mr. Jon Thorgaard from The Royal Danish Embassy to Thailand, Burapha University, and renowned Danish international businesses like Linak and Pandora.

Additionally, we were greeted with great enthusiasm by the prestigious Amata Industrial Estate in Chonburi, the visionary Danish serial entrepreneur Jesper Riis-Antonsen, Managing Director of Paterson Jewelry, but also the C-team of the inspiring Sirius Technologies located in Bangkok.

Through engaging discussions and captivating presentations, we collectively emphasized the undeniable advantages of investing in Thailand, whether by establishing production facilities, regional sales offices, or a stronger presence in the country. Advantages that will ensure robust growth prospects, stability, access to a highly skilled workforce, and a logistic myriad, connecting Thailand to the rest of the world.

The potentials for the Danish Industrial and Educational sector in Thailand are truly extraordinary.

The impressive accomplishments and learning experiences of ZBC and EUC Syd, which were expertly showcased and delivered by ZBC and EUC Syd, left no doubt about the value of international collaboration. In fact, the meetings led to MOUs to be agreed and the steps for forming a stringent roadmap, that will serve as the foundation for a mutual and fruitful partnership, are now to be formed.

For those, considering your potentials for getting established in Thailand, we wholeheartedly encourage you to get in touch. Our team in Dan Thai Net, equipped with an extraordinary network stands ready to guide you along the perfect patch tailored specifically to your needs into a market that yearns for your skills and inspiring ideas.

In Dan Thai Net, together with our extraordinary network, we are eagerly await the opportunity to embrace you with the vibrant life and prosperous business opportunities that await in Thailand.

In a nutshell, the time to seize the endless possibilities in Thailand is now, and we are here to make it happen for you.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Thai Net.

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