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Happy Songkran Festival, Happy Thai New Year 2023 Celebration

From all of us in Dan Thai Net we wish all Thais a Happy Songkran and a happy Thai New Year.

For those who don’t know, Songkran is about celebration, prepare for a new year to come and to move forward. If you have never been in Thailand during a Songkran Festival, you should definitely give it a try as you will be surrounded with beautiful ceremonies and loads of water. In fact, we believe Songkran is one of the most beautiful, funniest and most exciting water festival on earth.

In Dan Thai Net we look forward for the “Thai New Year” to begin as we in May will be in Bangkok with Danish representatives from two of the most innovative and inspiring schools in Denmark. Their educations curriculums are forward looking, and we look forward to promoting a beneficial collaboration between the Danish Schools and Thailand as well as the private sector in Thailand.

Now, could this have, been you?

Yes, of course it could. Cause if you, as the Danish Schools, gets motivated by business opportunities and growth, we suggest you pay attention to what's happening in Thailand right now. The country is booming. The private sector is on its rise and with the massive range of business initiatives and incentives that has been formed by the Government of Thailand, EEC, The Eastern Economic Corridor and BOI, Board of Investments, we encourage you to get in touch for more information. Thailand is moving forward!

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