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Happy Autumn holidays

In Dan Thai Net we are super excited for the welcoming, we have received since we launched our set-up back in May this year.

Our network keeps growing, our footsteps are clear and with an outstanding business meeting for executives cordially arranged with the Royal Thai Embassy to Denmark in Copenhagen back in September, we couldn’t have hoped for a better start.

Businesses in Denmark and Scandinavia are already reaching out to hear more about the capacity of potentials that Thailand has to offer foreign investors and businesses who is looking for growth, potentials and a new market to explore.

In Dan Thai Net we encourage you to get in touch – let us give you an update on the numerous of opportunities that clearly awaits you in the land of smile – Thailand – the best gateway to Asia.

In Dan Thai Net we also welcome you to become an exclusive member of our network.

All you need to do is to "sign up" for free membership at our website.

  • There are no commitments attached

  • You will gain access to prioritized invitations for our executive meetings, business delegations, latest info and a network.

  • A network who is ready to support you with hands on experiences from Thailand, Denmark and kindly add an exclusive access to the right contacts from day on

Again, happy Autumn holidays to you,

Dan Thai Net

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