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Eco Blue Seafood –Sustainable Aquaculture products and food for the future

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

It’s time for you to take a moment of your life to listen to the very inspiring Co-owner and CEO, of the Danish company named Eco Blue Seafood, Martin Amdi Pedersen, because what he has to say, is nothing less than innovative and forward-looking.

Eco Blue Seafood seek to become the world’s preferred supplier of live premium XL mud crabs and mud crab related products while they at the very same time go green through a strong focus on bio-security, sustainability and an immense interaction with local communities to help increasing the overall quality of people’s life.

As Dan Thai Net also Eco Blue Seafood have set their focus on Thailand and in Dan Thai Net we are very humble and honored for our friendship with EBS.

Eco Blue Seafood is a company that truly set a new agenda within food for the future.

Go Eco Blue Seafood!

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