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Did you know that Bangkok has been ranked as the next best city for digital nomads in 2022.

Hey digital nomads. Thailand not only seems it is the best country for you to get settled in. The infrastructures are there. The facilities are sublime. There is internet access everywhere you go, and it is fast and steady, and your work life and life of living will surely fulfill your dreams.

In the land of smile, they are now shifting momentum, so if you are looking for opportunities, a magnificent smart city project, if you want to become a part of tomorrows innovative solution within green energy, tech, robotics, super food, advanced medicine project or want to work as a digital nomad, then Thailand is the land for you to go.

In Dan Thai Net we strongly encourage you to get in contact and we will be ready to support you with our network, knowledge and expertise. Together with The Royal Thai Embassy in Denmark, EEC in Thailand, Dan Thai Net welcome Danish nomads and businesses on board to Thailand.

In Dan Thai Net we have free membership for the rest of 2022.

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