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Danish Business Promotion Tour Growth and Business Potentials in Thailand May 7th to 13th, 2023

By 2036 Thailand wants to achieve high-income status, via a special focus on Intelligent Electronics, Automation and Robotics, Next-generation Automotive, Food for the Future, Aviation and Logistics, Digital, High-Value and Medical Tourism and Comprehensive Healthcare, Defense, Advanced Agriculture and Biotechnology, Biofuel and Biochemicals, Education and Human Resource Development and a Brand-New Smart City Project that will transform Thailand into an innovative and value-based nation.

Based on Thailand’s strengths in robust agricultural activities, rich natural resources, and diversity in terms of both biological resources and physical geography, the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economic model is applied to focus on promoting four industries – namely agriculture and food; medical and wellness; bioenergy, biomaterial and biochemical; and tourism and creative economy.

Add hereto,

  • Being he natural gateway to Asia

  • Having signed significant Partnership and Cooperation Agreements with EU

  • Incorporated inspiring Government initiatives under i.e., The Eastern Economic Corridor Project, Board of Investments (BOI) and Bio-Circular-Green Economic models (BCG)

  • Provided beneficial business guidelines and tax initiatives and via Phuket, who is now a candidate to host the Specialised Expo 2028 under the theme “Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity”, focusing on a path towards a strong, sustainable and resilient future living for all

Thailand is now one of the most promising countries in Asia and thus the potentials for Danish businesses in Thailand are today more immense than ever.

For only 9.850,00 DKK, which include executive meetings with Government Officials, Business Owners, Handpicked Investors and Stakeholders, Accommodation and Dining, Transportation within Thailand, Surprising Events, Relevant Sightseeing and On-site visits to promote, assess and evaluate your potential growth in Thailand and Asia. Only thing you have to do, is to sign up and book your flight tickets and you are ready to board.

This overall Danish Business Promotion tour will be cordially coordinated by The Royal Thai Embassy to Denmark and Dan Thai Net in a close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders just as individual pre-meetings will be coordinated with all participants to secure the very best outcome for your expectations and engagement.

For more information we welcome any of you to reach out to Dan Thai Net.

Stay tuned – more updates, are soon to be launched.

Dan Thai Net.

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