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Dan Thai Net wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2022 was the year when Dan Thai Net got started and what a start we have had. With all the thriving incentives that are formed by the Government of Thailand to attract foreign businesses and investors, we foresee fruitful roads of opportunities for businesses getting established in Thailand – The Gateway to Asia.

In Dan Thai Net we hold a variety of specialist within their respective field, ready to help you getting successfully started in Thailand. With beneficial schemes under BOI – Board of Investments, EEC – The Eastern Economic Corridor Projects, where business sectors are being promoted and where a brand-new Smart City is to be built, The Royal Thai Embassy to Denmark and with the important Partnership Agreements Thailand recently have signed with the European Union, Thailand is without a doubt the land of smile and one of our generations new Tiger Economies.

In Dan Thai Net you can become a member for free, for which you will be favored with priority invitations to executive meetings, latest news and i.e., information about our next business exploration trip to Thailand end of Q1 2023. As our membership set-up are without any bindings, then why not gift yourselves a free membership of Dan Thai Net now it’s Christmas for most and a joyful holiday season for hopefully all.

From all of us in Dan Thai Net to all of you, we wish you all a merry season of holidays and a prosperous and fruitful happy New Year.

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