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Dan Thai Net welcome Danish Women’s Network in Thailand onboard

In Dan Thai Net we are extremely proud and excited to announce that Danish Women’s Network in Bangkok and Dan Thai Net have decided to engage in fruitful collaboration.

Danish Women’s Network is a very successful networking club for women, expats wives, students and women living in Thailand.

Over the years, Danish Women’s Network have taken great initiatives and formed successful events that have served to highlight the importance of a strong commitment and network when living abroad.

Another main objective for Danish Women Network is to help vulnerable children in need.

Their contribution hereto is immense, and we hereby welcome you all

to read more about Danish Women’s Network down below.

Once again, in Dan Thai Net we are extremely proud to welcome you on board.



Danish Women's Network is a social network for Danish women living in Thailand.

We offer the opportunity to participate in meaningful charity work and provide a possibility for building friendships and a sense of belonging.

We consist of a diverse group of working women, expat wives, students and women passing through Thailand for a shorter or longer period of time.

We organize many events - varying from cultural and charity events, to brunches, sports activities and Girls Nights Out -

we create a space for Danish women to connect, share advice, culture new friendships and have fun!

We celebrate a number of Danish key holidays throughout the year i.e Fastelavn, Skt. Hans, Påskefrokost, Mortens Aften and Julefrokost, which we recreate as close to the Danish traditions as possible when living in a tropical country.

Danish Women's Network is Danish traditions, Danish humor and Danish hygge for international women, who wish to make the most out of living in amazing Thailand, without losing touch with their Danish roots.


An important purpose for our group is charity work, with focus on women and children in need. We are all grateful to live in beautiful Thailand and our members welcome the opportunity to give back to those in need, in the country that we all currently call home.

We collaborate with other Danish organizations arranging charity events like our famous Danish Christmas Bazaar and charity concerts etc.

For several years the Danish Women's Network has been supporting the foundation Children of the Forest and we remain committed to this cause - donating all the money we raise through membership fees and numerous events.


Children of the Forest is a registered Thai

Foundation providing protection, education and health care for stateless children living in Sangkhlaburi in the border area between Thailand and Myanmar.

Currently around 100 children live at their child protection centre. These are children who have been abandoned by their parents or maybe lived in families with domestic violence, alcohol, drug or sexual abuse etc.

Children of the Forest also offers a free school for the stateless children, with special classes designed for students with no Thai language, preparing them for enrollment in the local school.

Children of the Forest supports nearly 800 children and adults living in the area with school for children, outreach programs providing food supplies and medical assistance for the poorest families.

Through our ongoing fundraising

initiatives within Danish Women’s Network, we are fortunate to continuously fund essential works and improvements to Children of the Forest's buildings and infrastructure like their kindergarten breakfast program as well as salary for outreach staff.

Learn more about Children of the Forest on their website

Follow Danish Women’s Network on our Instagram:

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