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Dan Thai Net is pleased to announce:

The introduction of Zealand Business College (ZBC) and EUC Syd to influential and innovative Danish representatives and international businesses in Thailand, including Ambassador Mr. Jon Thorgaard, Pandora, and Linak.

Pandora is a globally recognized jewelry company known for its compassion, understanding, and strategic focus on encouraging employee skill development. The company's dedication to providing extra education and flexible workstations is inspiring. As one of the most renowned jewelry brands worldwide, Pandora takes pride in ensuring that their products, delivered to end consumers, are based on dedication, trust, and exceptional commitment from the board to every employee. Dan Thai Net recognizes the importance of "Education" and "a willingness to learn" highlighted by Pandora's approach.

Linak, another groundbreaking Danish international company, is driven by curiosity and a commitment to developing the best solutions for those in need. As a market leader in electronic actuators, Linak's Danish design improves daily life in offices, hospitals, homes, and industrial settings. Their innovation sets a benchmark for performance and delivery of top-class products. The impressive production facilities in Chonburi demonstrate their focus on setting best practices in the industry. For Dan Thai Net, Linak underscores the importance of "Education" and "a willingness to learn" for business continuity, growth, and a brighter future.

Hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy in Thailand, where Ambassador Mr. Jon Thorgaard delivered an inspiring speech to the ZBC and EUC Syd business delegation, highlighting the fruitful opportunities Thailand offers. The Ambassador also provided valuable insights into the longstanding friendship and collaboration between Thailand and Denmark, which spans over 400 years. The Danish Embassy, located in the heart of Bangkok, is a source knowledge, insight and pride for Danish businesses in Thailand.

To build a solid foundation and promote growth for any country, businesses, and individuals, forward-looking and innovative educational opportunities are crucial. By fostering collaboration between Danish Business Schools such as ZBC and EUC Syd, their counterparts, and international businesses in Thailand, Dan Thai Net believes it will contribute to the development of a stronger workforce and accelerate Thailand's progress toward becoming a high-income country by 2036.

Lastly, Dan Thai Net would like to express sincere gratitude to Ambassador Mr. Jon Thorgaard, Pandora, and Mr. Kurt Lorenzen, CEO of Linak in Thailand, for their time and for introducing ZBC and EUC Syd to the opportunities available in Thailand.

If you are interested in exploring your opportunities in Thailand, we encourage you to contact Dan Thai Net. We are fully prepared and equipped to guide you from initial thoughts to on-site execution.


Dan Thai Net

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