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Amazon Web Services to invest US$ 5 billion in Thailand

This is truly a giant milestone, that should trigger Danish and Scandinavian businesses in general. Amazon’s heavy investments in Thailand, clearly demonstrate that Thailand is the new hub for digital data, cloud computing infrastructure and data centers.

With a wide range of increasing opportunities within i.e., but not limited to, Next Generation Automotive, Food for the Future, Aviation and Logistics, Digital solutions, Intelligent Electronic, High- Value and Medical Tourism, Medical and Comprehensive Healthcare, Defense, Advanced Agriculture and Biotechnology, Automation and Robotic, Biofuel and Biochemical and Education and Human Resource Development, the next tiger economy of growth is in Thailand – the gateway to Asia.

In Dan Thai Net we are ready to help you fulfill your dreams for growth and business opportunities in Thailand – the gateway to Asia is open and we encourage you to reach out right now.

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